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901Re: [pittscomicon] Re: the costume contest

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  • Alyson Mae Rhodes
    May 2, 2007
      Hi all.
      In response to the comments on the size of the winning group: I was the Dr. Girlfriend in the Venture Bros. group, and I definitely know the size of our group helped us out a lot, but we all worked really hard on our costumes. Except for the spandex bodysuit, my boyfriend Jon made all of his Monarch costume - including the nose prosthetic, the beard and the eyebrows. The two of us were in his basement for hours on Saturday night reinforcing his chest armor with dental acrylic and latex. Julia scoured thrift stores making sure her Girl Hitler costume was exact, and she also sewed the jherkins (or however the hell it's spelled) and shorts for the henchmen. I know we were helped by strength in numbers, but we also worked on our costumes for months prior to the con and I'm just really happy everything turned out so well.

      I also thought the judge's comments towards the girl dressed as Psylocke were inappropriate, especially when I found out she was only 19. Last year I didn't participate in the contest but I watched it and I remember the judge making some pretty rude comments. He was really nice to our group when we ran into him earlier in the day, but on the whole his comments were really oft-putting.

      I did have a ton of fun at the con, though, even though it seems to have gotten progressively smaller since I started going in 2002. I was (and am) really happy with the overwhelmingly positive response to the costumes we worked so hard on.

      - Alyson Rhodes

      On 5/2/07, fanky_malloon <jmail3@...> wrote:

      I don't know if the judges were biased, but the presenter did appear
      to be. I don't think he was demeaning to anyone but a bit rude to the
      females. I don't think this was malice, just trying to be funny. It
      was not really funny though.

      As to the performances, I don't know where a line should be drawn. It
      was enjoyable to see cobra Commander screaming and very funny too,
      but things can get too drawn out like some of the group displays.

      I think the MC should say their names and stay out of it. I think the
      contestants should not really perfom (sadly too because most of it
      was great fun!).
      Otherwise I don't know that the judges did not recognize the
      characters, the MC might not have.

      I really don't think the acting had anything to do with the

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "ja_glinka" <ja_glinka@...>

      > > I totally agree, for the most part he's completely out of line,
      > he seems a little biased too.
      > A little bit biased? The man made several demeaning, sexist
      > as well as _upstaging_ several performances. A host should
      > with rather than against the featured player, restraining his ego.
      > made many underhanded jabs, and toward the end of the "contest" you
      > could see the hangdog attitude developing among the players. The
      > judges were buddies with the same aesthetic, which _always_ creates
      > an unbalanced panel. They didn't recognize many of the characters,
      > couldn't pronounce their names and if they can't do even that, how
      > earth could they be judging the accuracy of the costumes or
      > performances?
      > Moreover, how does acting ability determine costume craftsmanship?
      > The two have no bearing on each other. It also put cosplayers using
      > characters that couldn't clown around, and still be in-character,
      > an enormous disadvantage. It would have been more honest to
      > the contest as "Character" rather than "Costume", but that's their
      > business. Still, I think it would be handled better by separating:
      > judging of costumes on technical aspects like accuracy, complexity,
      > refinement and whether or not it was bought pre-fab, and character
      > sketches. Or handle the thing like Wizard World does and simply
      > it a photo-shoot.

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