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  • hobanagarak
    Apr 29, 2007
      Definitely had a better time Sunday than Saturday. Had a great time at
      the costume contest even though I didn't enter, (I was Darth Nihilus,
      more on that later.) Fantastic effort from all the participants. Now
      this may seem like an odd question, but did they have the new rules
      posted in the showroom anywhere?

      So the registration thing was more of my own fault, as I was operating
      without my usual glasses. However, before the contest, the fellow in
      the orange Star Wars pilot costume told me I should enter in the
      contest for the Star Wars category. I wasn't aware there was one. I
      walked over to the registration desk, and to my dismay discovered I
      couldn't read the forms in the slightest through my masks (again, my
      fault). I asked Captain Punisher if there was a Star Wars category,
      and he pauses and tells me there was a "Star Wars Prize." I finally
      decided against registering at that. So yeah, the pilot fellow won
      "Best Star Wars Costume" and, um, ah well.

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, bsimon9427@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 4/29/2007 4:25:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      > fuko_chan@... writes:
      > I must say I was impressed they did make an effort to make it a bit
      > better this year. Having a separate groups category, a Star Wars
      > category, and more judges was definitely all good. I'd like to see a
      > judge that knew something about anime/manga and maybe another few
      > categories added down the road. And I still think the announcer should
      > be a bit nicer with his comments, especially those in regards to the
      > girls wearing the more revealing costumes, but ah well. And having the
      > contestants enter from back stage to make revealing their costumes to
      > the audience more exciting would be nice. Overall very happy they did
      > listen to some of our suggestions at least ^_^
      > i'm pleased there were changes in the rules. i've checked the web
      sight and
      > emailed them asking if their were and they never emailed me back.
      had i known
      > they changed the rules i might have gotten in the contest this year.
      either way
      > i went and watched and was blown away the costumes! some really good
      > out there!! mine wasnt much different then last year but i think my
      vision is a
      > bit screwed up from all the flashes i suffered having pics taken
      lol but hey
      > i had a blast dressing up!
      > if anyone has any pics of me in costume <snake eyes> could ya email
      me them?
      > i'd love to have some, stupid me forgot my camera today.
      > yeah some of his comments i found in bad taste. especially when they
      > towards girls 1/2 his age. i know they were made in jest but still
      some respect
      > should be had. all in all tho i thought the contest went well and a
      few of our
      > group members won!!
      > it was nice to meet alot of yens today, thanks for making the con a
      fun place
      > to hang out
      > -bart
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