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854Re: day one?

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  • Anthony
    Apr 28, 2007
      Well, Pittsburgh is my local show, and I'm happy with it each year. I
      may be biased because I don't worry about hotel costs.

      My main interest is to meet creators and get sketches from artists.
      This is a great show for that, with most artists having short lines,
      giving you plenty of opportunity to really talk to the creators. In
      Pittsburgh you can get very affordable sketches or even original art
      pages from Scott McDaniel or Ron Frenz (both local guys) plus other
      great artists. Just today I know Angel Medina and EBAS were doing
      free headsketches for fans, and I heard other artists remark that
      their Pittsburgh sketch prices were below what they would charge at
      San Diego or a Wizard World. For me, this makes it well worth the
      price of Admission for a day or 2.

      If you like sketches I highly recommend you look up Scott Rosema,
      Scott James, and Jay Fife. I met all three for the first time this
      weekend and was very happy with their sketches. If you are at the
      show on Sunday, feel free to stop by their booths, they are all very
      low pressure.

      I know Adam Hughes and George Perez were the big draws for people this
      year, and I talked to a few people who came to their first Pgh con
      this year just for Adam. I would love to see more big name "new"
      guests each year (and less cancelations - but who can control that?).
      I mean, Baltimore has Jim Lee and Mike Mignola this year, it would be
      great to get them, or Neal Adams, Jerry Robinson, John Romita, etc. at
      Pittsburgh next year. With the exception of EBAS, I can't think of
      any mainstream artists that were new to the Pgh con this year.

      As far as events go, quick sketch is always entertaining, and I really
      enjoyed the Match Game. Many of the costumes I saw today looked very
      good, I'll probably stick around for costume contest tomorrow.


      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, bsimon9427@... wrote:
      > so how did it go? did some people meet up and hang out? i'll be
      there about
      > noonish. look for the 6'6" guy with a flat top, chances are thats
      me. sadly my
      > cuz wussed out and will not be going with me on sunday so i'll be
      alone, cant
      > find anyone willing to spend the 18 bux to get in and hang out. i've
      > alot of people who want to go but not for that price, if it wa 10
      bux they said
      > they would go but not for close to 20 bux just to meet some artistes
      and hang
      > out.
      > its going to be a pain to drive myself in costume but i'll give it
      a try i
      > guess on sunday.
      > -bart
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