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    Apr 28, 2007
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      yeah, the con pretty muched sucked this year! why they dont spend the money on half a dozen well known artists an writers and not worry about the small press so much, (nothing against the little guys) but ive rarely seen anything remotely interesting that i would buy from them.the con has grown weaker an weaker over the last 5 years with the last 2 years being a downward spiral that they may not recover from.

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      In a message dated 4/27/2007 11:39:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time, fuko_chan@yahoo. com writes:
      I found it kind of dissapointing too, honestly. There was nothing
      there I wanted to buy at all. I missed several dealers that didn't
      come back from years past. I hate how some of the artists get all in
      your face trying to sell you things. Makes me uncomfortable and so I
      tend to just avoid that whole back area of the room. The actors' talks
      I went to were alright. That was why I didn't stop in for the yahoo
      meet, wanted to go to the Star Wars actors discussion. One thing I'm
      most dissapointed in is that the costume contest seems like it's going
      to be run 100% the same way it has been in the past, from what the
      booklet says, with no effort at improving it at all. So I'm probably
      not going to enter it. I might not even bother to wear a costume
      Sunday. I'm not going tomorrow at all. All in all, I really don't feel
      like the con's worth the admission price any more. Sorry to say, I do
      have many many fond memories of it in the past.
      i emailed them awhile ago asking if the rules had changed bc i heard rumors they were. never heard back from them. chance are i'm not entering bc the rules aint fair but i will be in costume on sunday i hope

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