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838Re: [pittscomicon] day one?

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  • Lisa Davis
    Apr 27, 2007
      Hey Bart, I am going tomorrow........you can hang out with SpiderGirl!!..........

      bsimon9427@... wrote:
      so how did it go? did some people meet up and hang out? i'll be there about noonish. look for the 6'6" guy with a flat top, chances are thats me. sadly my cuz wussed out and will not be going with me on sunday so i'll be alone, cant find anyone willing to spend the 18 bux to get in and hang out. i've found alot of people who want to go but not for that price, if it wa 10 bux they said they would go but not for close to 20 bux just to meet some artistes and hang out.
       its going to be a pain to drive myself in costume but i'll give it a try i guess on sunday.

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