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798Re: costume contest question

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  • hobanagarak
    Apr 13 6:55 AM
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      News to me. The current set-up does seem to favor those with a group
      and/or skit. It would be cool if they did set up more categories but
      the website gives no indication that they will or that they really
      have any intention of doing so.

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, bsimon9427@... wrote:
      > awhile back i heard the rules were changing to make it more fair to
      > contestants instead of lumping groups and singles together in age
      groups. i have
      > been checking the web sight off and on and i see nothing about a
      > listed it still says 3 age groups. i've done some touch ups on my
      costume and
      > still plan to wear it on sunday but if me being a single going up
      against groups
      > then i am not going to waist my time getting up on stage. my costume
      > nothing amazing that i would win and standing in that room for what
      2 hours i
      > was roasting! i'd rather spend the time walking around the con. last
      yr by the
      > time the contest let out some of the people i wanted to talk more
      with were
      > packing up their booths so they could catch their flights home.
      > now if the rules have changed and its more fair i might enter the
      > my costume isnt all that but i'd like to see how it fairs against
      other guys
      > on a one on one basis. would be nice if they had a hand made
      category and
      > store bought one also.
      > anyone have any news on this?
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