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79Where NORVANDELL will be

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  • norvandell
    Mar 10, 2005

      For those of you who are INTERESTED, I'll be next to Moonstone's
      booth across from where Nestler and Clevenger usually are (the guys
      that paint the half naked women).

      I'm going for a booth this year, because I'm trying to start a biz
      that caters to gamers who want character sketches, and other RPG
      companies who need art for suppliments, as well as any body who is
      looking for a good inker for their book.

      I'll have prints for sale and will be doing comissions as well. I'm
      not asking any of you to buy something, just stop by. Its always nice
      to meet new people and put a face to the name. Something I think mr.
      weaver WON'T have the stones for. But if he's willing to be a man and
      stop by and apologize, then thats cool with me.