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  • big_boote
    Mar 10, 2007
      I don't see so far guests "droping like flies" as of yet. and since
      Top cow replaced Ortega with E Bas, thats stepping up in my book.

      I would be upset if days before the con, no new cancelations are on
      the site, then you go to the con and see the board full. For me, I
      hope Adam Hughes can make it this time, as long as Allison is healthy.

      Since I'm an artist and will be at a booth, my main focus won't be on
      guests so much, with the exception of any Star Wars ones.

      And CKY was never going to be there. (if anyone cared) Someone told
      Renee they would, and that someone never was authorized to speak on
      their behalf. I mention this, since the company I work for Unknown
      Comics is doing a book on the band.