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682Re: [pittscomicon] Sketch for Lisa

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  • Lisa Davis
    Feb 28, 2007
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      I went to look at it and the sketch is really too light on the computer for me to see!!........and I really wanted to see it!!.......maybe you can darken it!!........or better yet.......it just might be better if you just sketch a pic of me in my SpiderGirl suit or in my SpiderWoman costume..........when I go to the con!!.......Thanks

      norvandell <BIG_BOOTE@...> wrote:

      Go to the files and click on the one with your name on it. its small,
      but if you left click it and save as, you can view it better through
      photoshop or any program you use to view photos or art. the original
      is yours when you goto the con.


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