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679Re: [pittscomicon] Thanks Dirk

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  • Lisa Davis
    Feb 28, 2007
      Hey Todd, I'll be sure to stop by and say hello to get that free sketch of me in my SpiderGirl suit!!

      norvandell <BIG_BOOTE@...> wrote:
      Guys and Gals

      First off thanks yet again Dirk. I saw 05' on that and that brought
      some memories back.

      I have to say that I have grown as an artist as all artists should,
      and hope that you all will stop by Unknown Comics booth and say hi.
      Like before, anyone from the yahoo groups that mentions you're from
      the group will always get a free quick sketch.

      This year I will be offering what I call "babe" sketches. These will
      be your favorite female hero or villians on 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.
      Tight pencil drawings over blue line roughs that you can have inked
      as well by Dave Newbold or GW Fisher. (They will be next to me in
      their own booths). From me they'll run 10.00, what others will charge
      to ink them, well thats up to them.

      I'll also have 11 x 17 black and white prints that I can hand colour
      for you, and copies of a print from Unknown comics of their group
      Strikeforce USA which will be a pin-up in issue 2 or 3. (not sure
      which one yet).

      For Imperium, I have a limited supply of Pierce #2 and prints of the
      pin-up I did for the inside back cover of that book as well.

      So stop be even just to say hi. My main focus will be you guys, then
      I have to get caught up on Adam Hughes sketch books. As long as he
      shows up this time, and I have to get autographs from any Star Wars
      actors who come this year.

      Check out the files section for the Leia that I posted, and as
      always, thanks.

      Tod Allen Smith
      Altoona Pa.

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