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674My booth assignment too.

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  • norvandell
    Feb 26, 2007
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      Wanted to let everyone know that I will be with Unknown Comics at
      booths s13 and 15 next to Dave Newbold and GW Fisher. Across from the
      corner where Tucci always stays.

      I've been gone fow several months due to internet problems, and
      during that time I have worked not only for Unknown, but also for
      Imperium, inking issue 2 of Pierce along with some upcoming pages for
      Trailerpark of Terror.

      The Unknown work will be the regular inker for their book Strikeforce
      USA along with a proposal we did for Warner Bros called Thundarr the
      Barbarian. Remember him?.

      I hope you all will come by Unknowns booth to say hi.

      Tod Allen Smith


      I finally have a place to stay this year for sure this time.