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671people i'd like to see

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  • baldalbinoyeti
    Feb 21, 2007
      1. Ernie Hudson- He was one of the coolest guys I've ever met. He said
      he's gonna try to make again it this year.

      2. Bruce Campbell- The man with the chin needs to bring his awesomeness
      to the Burgh.

      3. Robert Englund- 3 words. Freddy. Fuckin. Krueger.

      4. Ari Lehman- the guy who played Jason in the first Friday the 13th
      movie. I've met him before, and he's an awesome guy.

      5. RVD- If there's gonna be any wrestlers at all this year, can the
      people in charge of the con please try to get RVD.

      6. Dan Brereton- I love his artwork. His series, "The Nocturnals", are
      some of the best comics I've ever read.

      I will say one thing about the guest list so far. There's no Dawn of
      the Dead people, and that's a good thing. I get the feeling that my
      last comment will come back and bite me in the ass, though.