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  • Troy
    Feb 11, 2007
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      I don't know if she is still in the business, but I would love to meet
      Bobbie Chase. She was an editor for Marvel, in particular for Marvel
      Year in Review and the Marvel Illustrated. I recently got out my old
      issues of the Year in Review 1989 and it cover had Spiderman talking to
      Congress about Registration Act. With Civil War ending this year, it
      would be cool to have her there to sign those issues. I also am a great
      fan of the pin-up spread. I would love to see other artist due a new
      Marvel Illustrated.

      I always had an idea to do a Ms. Superhero Pagent. Each company would
      nominate 3 female characters and they would compete in superhero
      costume, swimsuit, casual, and evening wear. They would answer some
      questions and then fans would vote on line. The book would give part of
      the profits to a women's charity like breast cancer research or towards
      schools to promote the comic art craft. Just a thought.