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653Re: Past Pittsburgh Comic con Program cover scans

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  • ducky1560
    Feb 6, 2007
      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, R Howard <thezeppo1138@...>

      I was able to e-mail them 5 at a time, again, Yahoo e-mail size

      But it would still be cool it you could post them! I am going to try
      deleting some of my other picture posts, then retry the covers!!

      SO YOU are one of the lucky ones that owns one of the "FEW" covers
      that M & R don't have! My wife and I have the Patrick Block, Donald
      Duck cover from '04! I think there may only be "1" other in private

      I Believe the '99 back cover is the "Buffy/Angel" group shot?

      > I have all the con programs dating back to the second year (there
      was no program for the 1st year IIRC) at home somewhere, it would
      just be a matter of digging them out, which I haven't had a chance to
      do. And I actually own Matt Busch's painting for that Star Wars
      cover. :)
      > I believe I know who did all the covers - what was the image on
      the back cover of the '99 program?
      > As for the 10th anniversary question - the reason it
      was "celebrated" two years in a row was that the 10th convention (in
      2002) was erroneously called the 10th Anniversary. In other words,
      if you get married, the date one year after your marriage is your
      first anniversary, not your second. Likewise, the second year of the
      convention was it's first anniversary, so the 11th year (2003) was
      technically the real 10th Anniversary.
      > 2007 will be the 15th convention, but only the 14th anniversary
      of the first convention.
      > ducky1560 <ducky1560@...> wrote:
      > --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "Scott" <coymn@>
      > >
      > > Hey Folks, if anyone here has scans of the covers from the past
      > > convention in pittsburgh, would you please send me a scan of
      > > they dont have to be large or anything, but would like to see
      what has
      > > been done in the past as far as art goes.. email me at coymn(at)
      > hvc.rr.com
      > >
      > > thanks in advance
      > > Scott Kress
      > >
      > take a look in the photo section. folder called con covers.
      > Notes:
      > I only have the last 10. ahh the memories..thanks for asking!
      > any help from con fans on the credits for the '99 back cover. (not
      > inside of program)
      > 2001 had another cover "Star Wars" dont have that one.
      > Notice the "10 Anniversary" on both 2002 and 2003!!! Is 2007 the
      > or 14th??
      > Most of the original art was sold at the Make-A-Wish auctions on
      > Saturday of the shows! Promoters own most of them!!!
      > does this mean a Grell cover this year??
      > sure hope so, would love to see that in the charity auction!!!
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