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63Anime guests, finally - Evangelion!

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  • acroraya30x
    Mar 8, 2005
      I'm happy to report that anime voice actors (producers,
      script-writers, etc) Tiffany Grant and her husband Matt Greenfield
      will be at the Comicon this year!

      Tiffany is probably most well known for providing the English dub
      voice for EVANGELION's red-haired firebrand "Asuka Langley-Soryu".
      Her husband Matt is one of the founding members of ADV Films, was
      director of the English dub of Evangelion as well as providing the
      voice for Nerv bridge-crewman Hyuga, and is one of the producers of
      the in-development live action Evangelion project. Both have
      extensive professional credits in anime and other genres.

      I'd really like to thank Renee and Michael for being so open to my
      suggestion to have them as guests, and for bringing them all the way
      in from Texas. Both Tiffany and Matt offer a lot of possible panel
      discussion opportunities ranging from the controversies of Evangelion,
      the voice-acting profession, and Tiffany's personal obsession - Hello
      Kitty collecting.

      Anyone interested in Eva please give me a quick e-mail and say 'Hi'!
      I also host a regular get-together of Micronaut/Microman collectors at
      a room in the hotel on the Saturday of Comicon, and can be found on
      occasion at the Palisades Toys booth (I work on their Transformers
      statue line, as well as with their now-discontinued Micronauts line).

      Ray "AcroRay" Miller
      Uniontown, PA