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608lookin forward to the con "Mycoke rewards"

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  • dugger_rockz
    Jan 15, 2007
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      just thought id drop in an say hi to everyone. im lookin forward to
      the con this year, im hoping i wont get hit with kidney stones again
      like i did last year, it forced me to drive home early saturday morning.

      as for the my coke rewards, i dont know how many or if any of you
      participate in the program, but i was just told this would allow you
      to add 20 codes a day:
      Here?s what you need to do to double the amount of points you can
      enter in each day:
      1. If your cell phone is listed on your account or any other account,
      you must remove it from the account.
      2. Log into your account online and enter in 10 codes.
      3. Enter 10 codes in through your cell phone.
      4. Add your cell phone to your account and the points will be added to
      your account.
      5. Remove cell phone from account.

      if it dont work let me know.

      see you at the con.