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500For those of you in OHIO

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  • Jack R. Stewart
    May 15, 2006
      ey, Not sure how many of you have actually become members of our
      growing organization yet...http://ohiogamers.org ... But we have our
      membership cards printed now & thier ready to go out... so, if you
      haven't registered for the Ohio Gamers Organization yet, now would be
      the time...

      We are also looking for anybody interested in helping out with the
      organization... we are only a little ways away from recieving the
      federal funding & will be paying people to work for the organization
      soon.. but we need help building things up until then...

      Anyways, just some updates about what we have been upto... we have
      currently grown to be the largest Gaming Organization in Ohio with an
      exclusively Ohio Membership... Weve started work on our afterschool
      programs & work on our Small Business initiatives...

      Our membership currently reaches every corner of Ohio & continues to
      grow at 10-20 members per month...Any of you going down to Origns may
      want to stop by our booth by the registrations line & say hi...

      - Jack R. Stewart
      - Ohio Gamers Organization, Executive Director
      - Phone: 330-474-0577
      - http://ohiogamers.org - Our Website