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497Re: costume contest VIDEO and photos online!

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  • Kirisawa Fuko
    May 14, 2006
      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, bsimon9427@... wrote:
      > it only loads so far then craps out for me. i have yet to see
      myself on
      > stage
      > i wanted to download it and save it but i am on dial up and it says
      it will
      > take 60+ hours! <sigh>
      > -bart

      Sorry don't have much advice for you. Dial-up sucks. But the video's
      not going anywhere so if you're patient you'll get it eventually. You
      also might wanna look into a download resume program, like gozilla or
      something. So if you turn off the comp before it's finished you can
      start it up again where you left off. Good luck!
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