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480Thomas Dolby will be in Pitts!

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  • Jim Balent Studios
    May 8, 2006
      Hey Pitts Friends!
      Holly G! here
      I don't know how many of you read my School Bites 2
      Manga- but the character the mad , blood drinking 101
      Prof. Corpussal was inspired by Thomas Dolby!
      And guess what !?
      Mr. Dolby is on tour( i just saw his Sellersville performance-
      It was INSANE!!!)
      He'll be in Pitts on May 11th at The Club Cafe!
      If you have School Bites 2...bring it and have him
      Sign it!
      He'll get a kick out of it!
      here's his web site

      Best Witches
      Holly G!