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471Re: costume question

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  • Kirisawa Fuko
    Apr 27, 2006
      Hey, I didn't ask why we didn't win. I merely mentioned in my opinion
      the judges were a bit biased and I would've preferred if it were run a
      little differently. And come one, it's not like it was a realistic
      death! The nun got stabbed in the back by a fake sword and fell down.
      No blood, no screaming in pain...and got back up and walked off less
      than a minute later once the skit was over. The judge/announcer made a
      comment about it and seemed amused. If that is seriously why we didn't
      win, I'd like to see something in the rules next year saying violence
      is frowned upon or to keep the skits PG rated...tho I still don't
      think our skit was anything above a PG-13. But if we did actually
      manage to offend anyone with it, I think that's pretty hilarious.

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "Ryan" <sillysully7@...> wrote:
      > You killed a NUN onstage infront of children.
      > And you want to know why you lost?
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