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41Re: [pittscomicon] Re: What would you like to see this year?????????????

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    Feb 19, 2005
      I heard the same exact thing. I think a few exhibition matches would be a blast to have. You start a petition , I will sign it.

      Kerry <bwo4life@...> wrote:

      Meanie is always great.
      I saw Johny Valiant the year before.. not too fan friendly.
      The thing  I thought was funny was the lady next to them from
      the "Dawn of the dead" was all p.o.'d not understanding why
      the "washed up" wrestlers had a bigger line than she did. LOL
      I had talked to Norm Conners, promoter of IWC, last year about
      having some of his guys come, or maybe get A.J. Styles, C.M.Punk, or
      Fallen Angel come out to promote. He said he had contacted the big
      wigs of the Convention, even offering to put on a few matches, but
      THEY weren't interested in having THAT kind of thing going on at the
      Maybe a petition is in order.

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      > Blue Meanie was a hell of a nice guy. I still cant believe how
      > different he looks since the EC Dub days.

      "You're fooling yourself if you think your purpose in life is anything greater than turning animals into poo."

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