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403Re: [pittscomicon] Re: Artist Sketching.....What Is The Best Way To Obtain One?

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  • jerry self
    Apr 19, 2006
      i have stickers on the outside of mine (love those white apples that came with my powerbook) and i have a piece of paper taped to the inside with myname and phone#
      most of them if you leave the book will write down name and what you want
      i think the size on mine is 10x14 or so

      marveldc1 <marveldc1@...> wrote:
      I am gearing up for this weekend's Pittsburgh Comicon and I am going
      to take the suggestion that was offered to me last year, by picking
      up a sketchbook.

      My follow-up question's would be, "What is the perfect Sketch Book
      size to buy? Are there certain sizes that artist's don't like?
      Obviously, you have to leave your sketch book with the artist...How
      do you reclaim it? That weekend? Send it to your address via a Self-
      Adressed Pre-paid envelope?

      Thanks for any help with these additional questions!


      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, R Howard <thezeppo1138@...>
      > It totally depends on the artist and the convention.  As Chad
      pointed out, your best bet is to get to a more popular artist (like
      Perez, Linsner, Adam Hughes, etc.) as early as possible.  You're
      also more likely to get a sketch from these artists if you're at the
      con for more than one day as between signing books and personal
      time, they can probably only do a few sketches each day.  I know
      George Perez does a lot of his at night.

      > Fees also very depending on the popularity of the artist and what
      you want sketched.  The more popular the artist, the more you'll
      probably pay and the more elaborate the sketch, the more you'll
      probably pay.  I paid $100 for Adam Hughes to do a full-figure
      marker sketch at a convention a few years ago.  Some aspiring
      artists will do a pencil sketch for you for as little as $15 though.

      > Your best bet to get inexpensive, and sometimes even free,
      sketches is to get yourself a sketch book.  If you're happy with a
      small, simple sketch from an artist, they'll often do one for free
      in your sketch book because A) they assume you're not going to rip
      up your sketch book to sell a relatively simple sketch and B) even
      if you do, you're not going to make much.  A couple years ago at San
      Diego Dave Stevens sketched a simple little Rocketeer head in my
      sketch book for free.  I don't think he was doing any eleborate
      sketches though.

      > Which brings me to my final point - it depends on the convention. 
      At a convention where the artist expects to have long lines, or
      where they go to do business, they often won't do sketches at all. 
      Pittsburgh is just the right size convention though - they attract
      some really good artists, but the crowds aren't so huge that the
      artists don't have time to sketch.

      > I hope that helps.
      > marveldc1 <marveldc1@...> wrote:
      > Hello All!
      >      I am new to this whole convention thing, with this past
      > Pittsburgh convention being my first. As I understand it, some
      > will do some sketching for a nominal fee. It is understandable
      > the more popular the artist, the higher the demand, and therefore
      > more difficult to obtain.
      >      For example, I would have liked to get a sketch of either the
      > Beast or Jericho as rendered by George Perez. While I was standing
      > line waiting to get his autograph, I overheard him say to a fan
      > he was all booked up (and this was around 12:00 PM Saturday.) So
      > question is what does one have to do to get a sketch by their
      > artist? How does one sign up? What is the fee? Thanks in advance
      > any and all advice!
      > -marveldc1
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