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385Re: [pittscomicon] Autograph opportunities

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    Apr 17, 2006
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      im sure you will have every chance in the world to get signatures, defalco is great about it, bendis is too, but there will be lines so be prepared to wait, same with turner. patience is a virtue. but id bet you get alot of autographs.

      Don Driscoll <ddriscoll0004@...> wrote:
      Ok guys. This is my first con and I'm extremely excited. I'm from Pittsburgh originally, but now live in Virginia. No cons come my way. Anyways,
      When it comes to getting autographs, when exactly would this happen? I have my copy of What If? #105 that I would love to get signed by Todd Defalco. Now they are doing the Spider-girl panel. Would there be autograph opportunities before or after this panel. The same question applies to guys like Bendis and Turner. I'm trying to plan my con time and my family reunion time. If anyone has more experience and information that they would like to share, I'd greatly appreciate it.
      See you in a few days!

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