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370Re: [pittscomicon] Any hopes for a Buffy or ANGEL header?

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  • R Howard
    Mar 29, 2006
      This close to the convention the guest list is pretty much set.  There may be some new additions from the comics field, mainly in the form of independent/small press artists and writers, but that's about it.  Adding another headliner within a a few weeks of the convention usually isn't practical because there's too little time to advertise for them.
      So no, this year there will only be three Star Wars guests and no Buffy/Angel guests.  However, make sure you and your friends e-mail the convention through the official website (www.pittsburghcomicon.com) to let the promoters know that these are the kind of guests you'd like to see.  If they know Buffy guests are going to bring people through the door, they're more likely to invite them next year!

      Jared Gregor <chapachowa03@...> wrote:
      The main reason my friends and I all came to the con last year was
      because of Clare "GLORY" Kramer off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Are
      there any hopes for a Buffy or Angel star this year?  Or how about any
      other Star Wars guests in the talks???  These always bring in lots of

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