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339Re: [pittscomicon] Re: If you need a reason to attend the '06 Pittsburgh Comicon

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  • Jim Balent Studios
    Mar 3, 2006
      Hi Don!
      oh I bet fl was beautiful!
      :-) (envy)

      ducky1560 wrote:
         Sorry for the long delay, just got back to Yahoo. I was in Orlando
      for Megacon, another great show for buying art from a charity auction.
      Won the cover art for Supergirl 4, by Ian Churchhill, very nice piece
      and good price.

         But anywho..back to Pittsburgh. I recall the prices for the Perez
      Titans piece to be $2500. The Patrick Block Uncle Scrooge was somewhere
      between $1500-2000. The Strangers in Paradise art was indeed won by the
      Promoter. I dont recall the price, however the bidding was furious due
      to the fact he did not own any other Terry Moore pieces. If you plan on
      bidding on anything the promoters want, expect to pay a premium. He
      will usually win, however he has been known to lose out on some of his
      prizes. To be noted he does not currently own only 2-3 of the pieces
      that have graced his program covers. Most recently the Patrick Block
      cover from 2004, celebrating Donald Duck's 70th birthday, which by the
      way will NOT show up on E-Bay..

      Hi Holly, welcome back to Pittsburgh! :-)

         As for the Quick sketch, all of those pieces were won for $1.00.
      They sell raffle tickets for CBLDF, and have a drawing, each ticket
      costs $1.00. A group of artist gather for 1 hour and "draw", taking
      audience suggestions along the way. The artists have been known to be
      very creative in a short time. Most usually finish about 4 pieces, some
      finish up to 10, yes in 1 hour! At the end of the hour, they just start
      drawing tickets..and if your number comes up...YOU WIN! Real easy and
      lots of fun. Highly recommended!

         Also to note, for sketches from artists, get there early. They only
      have a limited time at the show, and please allow for "potty breaks"
      and food breaks. They are human also, not drawing machines. Please be
      courteous and polite, it will make it more enjoyable for all! If their
      schedule is full, just say "thanks" or "no problem" there is no need to
      create a situation where the artist or the fan feels like they do not
      want to return to this wonderful show. Prices for sketches range from
      Free to upwards of $100.00. So be prepared!

         Sorry to ramble, but I really enjoy this show and all of the guests
      that take time from their busy schedules to help make it more
      successful every year. I make every attempt to support this show and
      have only missed 1 in the past 8 years, and I don't live in
      Pennsylvania. Its well worth the 5 hour drive for me!

         Hope you find this show to be enjoyable and hope you win somthing at
      any charity functions you chose to attend! (all are recommended)

         Have fun and enjoy '06, looks like it will be another great one!


      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "Anthony" <forgiona@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for posting the pics from last year's con.  Do you happen to
      > recall how much some of those auction items went for? 
      > Speaking of auctions, this years Spiderwoman Comicon Flyer cover by
      > Jim Balent looks outstanding.  I'm trying to get an idea of how much
      > it could bring, i.e. will I have a shot at it =)  Any thoughts?
      > --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "ducky1560" <ducky1560@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I just posted some really cool photos from the '05 Con. Take a
      look, it
      > > will give you some reasons not to miss '06!

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