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335Re: [pittscomicon] A Question of Decorum

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  • jerry self
    Mar 2, 2006
      its easy,
      1) ASK if they are doing commissions
      2) have a character in mind you want and if its not the one they are currently doing or a major (batman, superman) have a comic book or some other reference picture.
      3) A sketch book or a comic book backing board are helpful  http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/jjsdc05/album?.dir=/2aae
      4) most are going to charge $40-50 for a full body and $20 for a bust/head& shoulders (some of the colorists will even color some for similar charges, last Pitts i made it to Tom smith was sitting with george perez and coloring georges sketches)
      5) if you get one of the more popular guys, you can often get on a list, they know about how many they can do in a day, and go by occasionally if they have a list just to see where they are on yours (ron garney took my to the hotel overnight on the Juggernaut at the above link)
      6) HAVE FUN the best part is that it is almost as much fun for most of these guys to do the art as for you to have it done

      rackett1 <rackett1@...> wrote:
      Hi there.  I am going to be at the Con for the first time this year
      debuting a new publishing company.  Now I am not here to peddle
      anything (Pick up Extraverse: GENESIS #1 at the Modern Myth Press
      booth #23!);-), but I have always wondered something.

      What should you do to approach (insert artist here) for a commission
      during the Con?  I speak purely as a fan who would love to see some
      original art done just for me, as many of us would.

      Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, and see you all in Monroeville!


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