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332Dealers and Adam Hughes

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  • norvandell
    Mar 1, 2006
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      Since I can't post in Adams group due to a bouncing email address, I
      wanted to post here something that made me very happy.

      Adam has a new rule in place. No sketches for dealers. I was happy to
      hear that. He stated through Alison, that one day that the first part
      of a line for him consisted of just dealers. Now I know some are just
      fans wanting a sketch like everyone else, but we know where those
      sketches end up. Ebay.

      Also, for the Georges, please don't set up the freebee tables too
      soon. Most of the dealers while setting up thursday walked away with
      most of those Batman posters every time they went back and forth to
      their rooms. I was sick to see that. All those free posters being
      taken back to stores only to be sold or put again....on Ebay.

      I hope with what Adam has done, that it will free up more time for
      fans like us and more of a chance that we could get sketches. These
      dealers would book him solid for the day and screw us out of a chance
      at soemthing cool.
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