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3199Just mailed in the check for an artist table...

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  • Mike DiBaggio
    Jul 24 7:27 AM

      I'm excited to have a table at the con for the first time. My wife Michelle and I have been attending for a number of years, and a few months ago we finally decided we were ready to promote and sell our books at a convention. 

      We write and illustrate superhero and adventure fiction that is set in original shared universe called the Ascension Epoch. You can follow the links below for some more information, if you're interested. Our stuff is somewhat unique because it draws very heavily on public domain sources and we've opened it up to other creators to add and tweak their own characters and stories as part of a collaborative effort. 

      We live on the other side of the state, but we've had a long time affinity with the Pittsburgh area. I'm a Pitt grad and we enjoy the culture, food, and scenery of western PA. One of our flagship series, the East End Irregulars, follows a group of teenage superheroes from the Burgh (that's the 'After Dark' book linked below).

      We're looking forward to meeting you guys at the con, so track us down and say hi. We'll have four books for sale and some promotional freebies as well. We'll also be at the Steel City Con in early August.

      Michael A. DiBaggio
      Author & World Builder
      Co-Creator of the Ascension Epocha shared universe for adventure fiction in the Creative Commons

      My Books:
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