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  • wildstorm3
    Oct 7, 2013

      I am not saying that vendors should not be allowed to get in line for anything.  I am saying that they should have to wait until the doors open for the general public and not be allowed into any lines before those who bought the early entry.

      Maybe this is why Fridays start changed from 10am to 1pm a few years ago.  I was told it was because vendor were complaining that they didn't have enough time to set up (even though they could set up on Thursday).  I think they were complaining that they didn't have enough time to set up and then jump in line before everybody else because they would lose their chance to get something.

      And I know that it isn't my place to complain about selling pieces they bought at a show but to sell a FREE piece that an artist spent their time on to go and sell it for $300+ is outrageous.  If the artist started charging that much to get a sketch done then no one who actually collects and appreciates the artist and their work would never get a chance to get one unless they pay an outrageous price for it.  This is why you can't get an Adam Hughes anymore and why artists like Ebas now charges $300 for a piece (which a few years ago he was doing free until he saw them all over Ebay).

      So if anyone from the show actually reads these conversations, please change the policy on vendors and have them wait until the 1pm or 10am start time and not be able to jump in line before those who get the early entry.  If not, then I was thinking of getting the smallest table, grab a box of comics (I do have a box of about 100 sets of X-Men #1 from Jim Lee) and put them on the table for people to take so that I can then line jump early every morning.  No, not really I enjoy the show too much and this is the only one I am able to go to.

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      Ive been doing this con since the beginning of time and aside from Steel city con, this is really the only big one I go to. Ive seen this happen SOmany times. It really IS ridiculous. It seems its been worse the last couple years for the reasons already stated. ypou pay the money to get in, then the vendors are in line havin a good ol time, getting crazy signatures and artwork while I have to wait and feellike Im getting screwed bc all I want is maybe a book or 2 signed, and anything from a commisiion to just a damn quick sketch and I gotta wait an hour. So then I miss out on half the show, have to pay an OUTRAGEOUS amount for artwork bc these A-holes are selling it on ebay, and overall ruins what should be a good time.  I always make the best of it of course, but ya know what?? I shouldnt have to. For a $20 or more ticket price to JUST WALK AROUND I should have a great fkkn time w no bullshit from people who are supposed to be working there.


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      Aaaaaand this is the reason that vendors should have to wait until general admission to get in and stop blocking all those who purchased early admission.


      Now I know its their prerogative to sell whatever but when they stand in line an hour before anyone is able to enter and early entry is finally allowed and you reach someone you want to see and see 10 vendors standing in line already....

      And this is also another reason why it is so damn hard to get anybody to do anything at shows or even show up or even be able to afford something ie. Adam Hughes, eBas, etc.

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      Totally agree with you. I came on Friday, got to the show about 2:15. I got in Broadsword line because knew it would be long. Wasn't looking to get a sketch from Jim because I knew he would take some time. I just passed on my books to get signed and got a sketch from Holly. On Saturday, got there at 930 to get in line and there were people already in line. So I bypass because, I had other stuff planned to attend. On Sunday, again got there at 9:00 to watch some of the zombies come in and went inside at 925, and there were vendors in line. I stood for a few moments, but left because I wanted to attend quick sketch. I love Jim and Holly but the vendors should try to get the sketches done on Thursday night, or wait for the general openings.
      I will attend again because I go mostly for the enjoyment of the friends I made and the comics. Also it is big enough to get some great talent but small enough that you do get to spend some moments talking to the talent and socializing with them at the evening events.

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      Subject: [pittscomicon] Vendors
       Really enjoyed the show. Got a Talon commission by Eddy Barrows (very cool guy), a Robins piece from McDaniel and a Joker and a Harley from Balent.

      My only gripe is with the 3-day tickets and early entry. What is the point of getting an early entry to be one of the first in line to your favorite person when after they let you in you get to that person and there are vendors already in line. This happened to me Saturday and Sunday. I was second in line at early entrance. I went to get a sketch by Balent (because I had a 1pm appointment to get my Batman Tattoo). I get to Balent's line and there were 10 vendors already in line not only to get sketches (which will probably be sold) but also had 30-40 books to be signed (again to be sold probably). This also happened Sunday. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get a sketch from Balent (he's just so damn good). I don't think vendors should be able to get in line before all those who bought tickets to enter a 1/2 hour early. I believe they should have to wait fr general admission to be able to get in line. I mean if a vendor can get really early entrance to a line for somebody than next year I am going to get a vendor spot so I can get in line before everyone else. I eventually got what I wanted from Balent at the end of Sunday but had to miss out on meeting some others due to there being vendors in the lines before early admission.
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