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3162Re: [pittscomicon] Online Show Info Access

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  • Andrew Harmon
    Feb 8, 2013
      What about a mobile website instead of an app? Wizard tried something with an app and I thought it would work well but I never touched it as it wasn't updated. I think the biggest thing is the folks that create this actually be committed to the up-to-date operations of it. Otherwise it'll just be an app with outdated info. Show reminders/notifications via text or some such would be awesome since people may not be able to hear the PA system of things going on at the show. They could subscribe to specific events, signings or what not, whether through Twitter or Facebook feeds as well.

      On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 9:29 AM, uss_escort <uss_escort@...> wrote:

      OK crew, we are looking at a number of possibilities for creating a better online presence for the Comicon. With the number of smartphones and iwhatevers out there, we have to find what path will give us the biggest bang for the buck. The Pittsburgh Comicon website, www.pittsburghcomicon.com, is the primary contact point for show info and updates. Then, there are Patrick's update emails, which everyone looks forward too.

      I am trying to get a feel for how many of you would be interested in a downloadable app, Apple and Android compatible, that would act like a 'virtual' program guide, provide up-to-minute cancellation info, allow you to post on facebook or tweet within the app about the show, provide a map of the showfloor, facilities and surrounding Monroeville area, and a contain a list of vendors and guests, with info on each. Give me your thoughts, positive or negative and why, as we really want to gauge the usefulness of this opportunity to our fans.

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