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  • comiconguy
    Feb 6, 2013

      Hey Comiconiacs,

      It's not often that I can get your attention with just one word, but I think it is safe to say when that one word is "Steranko" interests are suddenly peaked.

      I know that I am often prone to hyperbole, it is my job after all,
      but in Jim Steranko's case it is all warranted.
      Mr. Steranko is an artistic visionary
      and we are so proud to announce that he will be our Guest of Honor at the 2013 Pittsburgh Comicon-September 27-29
      There will be plenty of more details to come about Mr. Steranko's appearance in the coming days so stay tuned!!!

      Besides the addition of Jim Steranko to a guest list that already sported such names as George Perez, Barry Kitson, Michael Golden, Jim Balent and more.

      We also added this week,

      Spider-man Artist, Alex Saviuk
      Pop-Culture Guru from Comic Book Men, Robert Bruce
      Comic Book Artist and Co-Creator of Blue Devil, Paris Cullins
      and more!!!!
      For a full list of current guests visit www.pittsburghcomicon.com

      We're still more than 1/2 a year away from Pittsburgh Comicon 2013 but I don't envision us slowing down anytime soon,
      so you can expect to be hearing a lot more from me. Stay Tuned!!

      Patrick Thomas
      Marketing Director - Pittsburgh Comicon

      September 27, 28, 29, 2013
      Monroeville Convention Center

      1002 Graham Ave.
      Windber, PA 15963
      fx 814-467-4416