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3139Re: [pittscomicon] Pittsburgh Comicon 2013 Good or Bad?

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  • Derek Kirby
    Sep 18, 2012
      Oh I fully agree IF you are and or can be disciplined then you will still have the $$$ but come on lets face it most people are not that way.There are way too many things to do all summer long that will tempt them to spend the cash with the thought of "Oh I will replace this money with my next paycheck so I will still have it for the con."

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      i dont see the money thing as an issue if your a disciplined person with your cash. if a tax return is your "mad money", people often see this as free money and blow it anyway, save it. i dont see the problem with knowing hey i need money for the con so i should save some of this for then and set some/all aside. now you have from April to sept to set aside even MORE money!! take a few bucks out of your pocket. instead of buying mcdonalds that day you packed a lunch and take that 5 bux and put it in your con fund. you save just 5 bux a week for months and you will be surprised how much cash you have for the con, especially if you just put it aside and dont count it till then. if you count it along the way and realize how much you have you might get excited and want to spend some of it bc there may be a good chunk there depending on how much you set aside. doing something like this can help you from hey id really like to have that book/ sketch/ original art to hey look at what i just bought. money should never be an issue if you plan properly and budget...that goes with everything not just con's.
      at least with the con being in the fall it will not be so freaking hot in that place for the cosplay people. there have been a few times in costume ive had to sit down and guzzle water or if its cool enough out doors go out there and cool down. in sept id think its alot more cool but who knows with my luck they will have the heater on in there.
      the bad part of the con is they can be on the same weekend i have reserve duty, usually the first weekend of the month. i know this has screwed me before and alot of my military friends, which in turn is lost revenue for the con but hey i dont set the dates, but it is a bummer if im in town and cant get to go.
      but i do agree if they have some good name people there as a draw it would help the shift in time frame to get more people in the door. i dont know how many times me and my friends will be like oh its the same old people every time or the vendors all have the same stuff. there needs to be something "special" or someone exciting there to be like ok i can see spending 20 bux to get in for that etc etc.  mostly i just go to hang out and chat with people and have people stop me to take pix of my costume  :o)
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      There are good and bad things about the con being moved to Sept.
      Good thing is not same month as Boston.
      Bad thing is people have gotten their income tax refunds in the 1st quarter of the year,by April the majority have.So it is easier to have the "extra" cash to be able to attend and spend.I work at H&R Block.Most people cant save that money for that long and may originally intend to attend but...
      Also this is back to school time and having worked retail I know unless you are selling clothes or school supplies,business drops way off as people are saving/spending on back to school.
      Now unless you can get some really B I G name to come and lure people in I think attendance is going to be harmed by it being in Sept.
      I hope and pray I am wrong...but just my 2 cents worth.
      Good or Bad is yet to be determined but I will support the best I am able.

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