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3136Pittsburgh Comicon 2013 Good or Bad?

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  • dbksr
    Sep 18 6:23 AM
      There are good and bad things about the con being moved to Sept.
      Good thing is not same month as Boston.
      Bad thing is people have gotten their income tax refunds in the 1st quarter of the year,by April the majority have.So it is easier to have the "extra" cash to be able to attend and spend.I work at H&R Block.Most people cant save that money for that long and may originally intend to attend but...
      Also this is back to school time and having worked retail I know unless you are selling clothes or school supplies,business drops way off as people are saving/spending on back to school.
      Now unless you can get some really B I G name to come and lure people in I think attendance is going to be harmed by it being in Sept.
      I hope and pray I am wrong...but just my 2 cents worth.
      Good or Bad is yet to be determined but I will support the best I am able.
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