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3088Quick tip for newbies...

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  • Joe Patrick
    Apr 19, 2012
      For those folks who have expressed that it is going to be their first time to the show, as others have mentioned previously it can be a long time spent on your feet and standing in lines.  Be sure to make yourself aware of the various panels and things going away from the floor.  The quick sketch is fun to watch the artists turn out original pieces, some very good and some just plain hilarious.  It's worth attending the quick sketch just to watch Stuart Sayger work.  These panels and activities give you a chance to sit for a half hour to hour and get a bit of rest.  Take it from someone with chronic back pain, you dont know how much just 30 minutes off of your feet can help throughout the course of a day.  For a list of the activities and panels, here is the link from the website so you can plan what you what to attend. 

      (Be forewarned, Pat just announced that Peter Mayhew had to cancel at the last minute, so his panel on Friday will not be taking place and as previously announced the second Stan Lee panel on Sunday will not be taking place.)


      Have a great time this weekend everyone, hope to see ya there!
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