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3066Re: [pittscomicon] Unique good places to eat

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  • Joe Patrick
    Apr 16 8:59 PM

        I think that all depends on what you enjoy to eat.  I live just 5 minutes from the convention center and I'm still finding new places to eat.  Some I've enjoyed, and some I've found to be interesting, but ultimately not my thing.  What I've done when I go to a new location is I just see what places my GPS can find as far as food in the general vicinity and then see what sounds good to try.

        My favorite 'local' pizza place is Vince's Pizza Park in Forest Hills.  It's probably about a 20-25 minute drive depending on traffic.  Handfulls of fresh toppings on the pizzas, not sparsely dealt out.  They can be expensive, but to me, they're worth it.  Though its one of those places where people either love it or hate it, not much middle ground.

        They've added a Patron Mexican restaurant just up the street from the convention center as well, across from the Olive Garden.  The food there is pretty good if you enjoy Mexican.  

         Being in Pittsburgh, there is a Primanti's not that far from the convention center as well to get Pittsburgh's official sandwich.

      Again it comes down to what type of food you like.  My advice is bring a GPS and use it if you can.


      From: thongor72 <cowen72@...>
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      Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 11:50 PM
      Subject: [pittscomicon] Unique good places to eat

      Hey all!

      First of all, I am extremely excited about coming once again to the Pittsburgh comicon. This has to be close to my 10th trip and its getting better and better all the time.

      However interestingly enough, I have never taken the time to explore the restaurants in the area (or even within a 20 min drive). So although I know there is a TGIFridays, and Olive Garden (I think) in the area. I was wondering if anyone can recomend a great place to eat in the area. Like are there any restaurants seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives or anything cool like that? Last year we went to Bella Luna and had some great pizza. Any other great family owned businesses?

      Thanks for all your help!

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