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  • ducky1560
    Apr 11, 2012
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      Welcome first timer...

      As a veteran of 15+ Pittsburgh Comicon's, Thongor72 and Todd offer some very sage advise.

      Would also like to suggest the following...

      Get a good nights sleep the night before, and start with a good breakfast...could be a long day. Comfortable shoes are a must.

      preparation- having any "autograph requests" organized can save you and everyone in the line time. Having the books removed from bags and boards also will save you some time in lines as well. Go to your absolute favorites early, sometimes often is the key, as line(s) will vary through out the day(s)(especially Saturday!) Check the cancellation board at the con as well, it may save you some time when looking for that guest that is never at their table...

      patience- realizing that everyone is trying to do the same things you are goes a long way in the understanding that you may miss something...don't get discouraged. Also remember the guests are human too...they need breaks every now and them as well. for heavens sake let EBas help his fiance with the new baby if he asks...If you see a sign at at guests table saying "will return in XX minutes" don't get discouraged if it takes double that, they may have run into a friend they have not seen in some time. It can be a social time for them as well.

      prioritization- trying to "do it all" is not possible...make a list of guests/events/panels that YOU enjoy, and plan your day accordingly. Cross off as many as possible, but enjoy every one of them!(that's what is really important)

      appreciation- hate sounding like my parents, but "thank you" goes a long way! Many guests may charge for autographs/sketches, but thanks are always encouraged. Thank the promoters if you see them. Thank the volunteers as well. Remember they are there for all of us, they come back for the same reasons we do!

      and last but not least...bathe and deoderant(surprising how many people take this for granted)....nothing worse than being "that guy" at the show....the show can get crowded, thinking you can blend in with the crowd.....not gonna happen. You will see at least one during your visit...don't be the one..lol

      hope to see you at many more

      ps...make sure you stop by the Auction Saturday night..loads of fun for Charity.

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "CraigH" <topper_2001@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > This will be my first time visiting the Pittsburgh Comicon and I just wanted to see if anyone had some tips.
      > I'll only be able to make it up on Saturday and want to try and fit in as much as possible.
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