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3001Re: [pittscomicon] steel city con or any con for that matter

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  • Paula Behanna
    Jan 21, 2012
      well for me, on disablilty its the only weekend of the month i have money so its best for me

      sorry dude

      paula b

      On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 7:44 PM, <bsimon9427@...> wrote:

      i keep getting these great emails saying who the guest are going to but im mad because i cant make it.
      cons tend to be the first weekend of the month for some reason, this is also the same weekend people like me have reserve/guard duty.
      i've talked to other guys in the military and they are just as pissed as me about things like this. we have to miss out on good cons bc of it being the same dates.
      i think its a huge loss not only for us fans but for the people that run cons in general . if cons were on the second weekend of the month they might get alot more people to attend and maybe spend some cash to.
      being in the military we cant call in sick or miss our weekend. rare occasions they will let us reschedule but it has to be a better reason then "im a geek and want to attend a con" lol  tho i have rescheduled before for a con but i used up my one free-be this year already :o(
      have fun guys

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