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288Re: [pittscomicon] Hi.

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  • R Howard
    Jan 25, 2006
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      I'm not sure what your transportation situation is like but I had heard a few years ago that you could take a bus (Greyhound?) from Penn State directly to the Monroeville Mall.  If that's still the case, it might be worth looking into.  If you're driving, never mind.
      I assume you know the layout of Monroeville, but in case you don't, the Radisson is the only hotel close to the Expomart.  You might get a better rate at another hotel/motel, but if you don't have a car, it'll be a PITA getting to and from the con.  If you plan to stay at the Radisson, book a room soon, it always sells out early and already may have for this year.
      Other suggestions -
      1) Check the guest list often, it's usually updated regularly until about 2-3 weeks before the con.
      2) Make time to stop by one of the Quick Sketch raffles that occur every day for a cheap opportunity to win some sweet original art.
      3) Hang around for the Charity Auction Saturday night - some really great stuff is always auctioned off.

      loum84 <loum84@...> wrote:
      Hi, I'm a Pittsburgh resident, well technically West Mifflin, and
      always wantd to go to the comicon, for the years they've had it, but
      stuff always came up, and now I'm currently out here in Happy Valley
      for school.  I'm looking at the guest list, and I think this year I may
      finally try to go.  Is there any recommendations for a first timer?


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