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287Re: [pittscomicon] Hi.

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  • jerry self
    Jan 23, 2006

      Rick Olney <orcafresh@...> wrote:
      Hi loum84!

      1. Comfortable footwear yes indeedy
      2. A bottle of water yes indeedy stuff at the con is expensive but good restauruants around it though

      3. Your list of target items you'll be searching to
      4. Manners. Nothing frosts me more than getting
      'bumped into' only to have that person not excuse
      themself. "Please" and "Thank you" go a long way too.
      Don't interrupt the guests if you're looking for their
      autograph, and you locate them and they're engaged in
      conversation. yes indeedy -- this is also a good time to learn about who the actors really are. more likely to find out just how real they are and become bigger/less of a fan
      Yeah, some of this is common sense and
      consideration -- but I've seen my share of ignorant,
      well meaning people.
      5. MONEY! And keep it secure on your person.
      6. Deodorant is a must, along with that morning
      shower. Again, I don't mean to appear offensive.
      You'll probably learn what I'm talking about first
      hand though...

      Have fun there. I plan to!

      --- loum84 <loum84@...> wrote:

      > Hi, I'm a Pittsburgh resident, well technically West
      > Mifflin, and
      > always wantd to go to the comicon, for the years
      > they've had it, but
      > stuff always came up, and now I'm currently out here
      > in Happy Valley
      > for school.  I'm looking at the guest list, and I
      > think this year I may
      > finally try to go.  Is there any recommendations for
      > a first timer?

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      Rick Olney
      TightLip Entertainment
      "Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis"
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