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  • tbolts712
    Apr 27, 2011
      I had an absolute BLAST at Pittsburgh this year; thank you to all who made it possible! The highlight for me is always getting some actual time to speak with the pros and, of course, try to get some gorgeous artwork. My main reason for going to the con was to get a Scarlet Witch skeetch from Mr. George Perez and missions accomplished! Also very fortunate to get beautiful sketches from Phil Jimenez, Ebas, and Terry Moore.

      Yes, Phil Jimenez is the man!!
      The extra half an hour with the 3-day pass was wonderful. I hope this continues!!

      Power went out Sunday at 3pm and I got concerned we were getting the boot early! ;)

      Honestly, not a bad word to say about the con. Thanks for another great year and hope to come back for the next show!


      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "forgiona" <forgiona@...> wrote:
      > Glad to hear that the charities and blood drive did well!
      > My personal pet peeve on the pass picture is that they add about 20 pounds! (cause the image is stretched out) And the guests all think you're an exhibitor. Could you use a bigger font for our names, and put our First and Last name on separate lines?
      > Another Pet Peeve with the pass is that none of the artists I talk to knew that the show opens a half hour early to pass holders. Especially on Friday, when they are trying to setup for a 1:00 opening - very few were ready to talk shop at 12:30. It's still nice to get in early, but some artists (like Adam Hughes in 09) were distrustful of us lining up "early"
      > Your Power Girl rocks! Probably his best preshow piece. Congrats! I hit up a few artist preshow too, and was very pleased to find Charles P Wilson III (Stuff of Legends) taking a few sketch requests. He was such a nice guy, I hope he's back next year.
      > Phil Jimenez was very nice, it'd be great to see him back in the Burgh. Ditto for Sam Witwer. I'll check out youtube for the Pitt con videos.
      > Liked:
      > 3 day pass - gets in 1/2 hr early
      > Few guest cancellations
      > Being Human stars there all 3 days. Also liked where they were located, it probably brought good foot traffic
      > Phil Jimenez sketching
      > Awesome costumes! Including the Plastic Man/Clark Kent/Superman guy helping George Perez. Some wore costumes every day!
      > Disliked:
      > Weather - enough with the storms in Pittsburgh!
      > regarding the Auction
      > -Display the auction pieces in the convention hall, before the auction. Other shows, like Baltimore or Heroes preview the art this way.
      > -Bob Almond forgot the Fife convention book cover at home (I felt bad for Bob)
      > -Some pieces in the auction were unidentified - If you don't know who the artist is, please find out before the auction. You could even post the mystery pics here or on facebook, to get an answer
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