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  • uss_escort
    Apr 25, 2011
      As some of you may remember, we were going to have the great Gene Colan as a guest last year, but he was forced to cancel due to health and other issues. Robot6, via Comic Book Resources, is reporting the following:
      "Clifford Meth reports that legendary artist Gene Colan is hospitalized again, awaiting surgery. "Despite his legendary optimism, Gene's situation is tenuous," he writes. "His family hopes he can undergo a procedure early this week that may alleviate his pain. Regardless, it's unlikely that my pal will be drawing for anyone anytime soon." To help generate "what might become much-needed funds," Meth is coordinating an auction of the last of Colan's artwork. Details are available at the link. http://genecolan.blogspot.com/2011/04/gene-colan-health-updateand-sale.html"

      While neither myself, nor the Comicon, have anything to do with Cliff's auction, I thought it may be of interest to the members of this board. Gene is one of the greats of the industry and I wish only the best for him.