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  • Joe Patrick
    Apr 19, 2011
      It was the first time that we attended any of the quick sketches and we loved it.  Such a unique experience and great way to raise money for worthy causes.  Over the 3 days, we won 5 pieces our favorites being a piece Dave Wachter did of Jack Skellington as Ghost Rider, a Chris Moreno sketch of Namor in a bar and an Elecktra sketch that I have no idea who the artist was as I didnt recognize the signature on it.  A friend of ours attended for the first time and scored a nice Billy Tucci Wolverine in the quick sketch on Sunday.  Stuart Sayger is just amazing to watch during the quick sketches, the man is a maniac and turns out amazing work so quickly.

      For the first time since I've been attending, I stopped and talked with Ed Beard Jr.  His genre is generally not my thing, but found myself really enjoying much of it and found him fascinating to talk to.  I know now that he's going to be a regular stop for me from this point forward.  I got my original Bettie Page sketch from Jay Fife that he was holding for me, so that was a high point for me.  Jay pointed it out when I was talking to him on Saturday when he said that the whole con just feels more upbeat this year then it did last year.  I dont know specifically about that, but I know I really enjoyed myself more then previously and I certainly spent more then previously as well.

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      I saw the Being Human Panel up on YouTube, (sorry I don't have the link)

      I'm sure I'll have plenty of parting thoughts when my brain is a little less "mushy". But just some personal observations,

      Is there any better guest than Phil Jimenez? The man was a workhorse all weekend long. It was the first time in Pittsburgh for Phil and I'd have him back anytime he wanted to come.

      Jim Starlin is a cool guy.

      Sam Witwer was as nice of a guy as you'll ever meet.

      The art of Sara Richard is stunning!!! I wish Gaiman would do some new Sandman specials and hook up with her as the artist. Her Delirium is to die for!!! She did a Delirium/Tank Girl piece at the Quick Sketch that may be my favorite piece of art I saw all weekend.

      I was so happy that the Blood Drive exceeded its goal since it was the first time we tried it.

      Brandon Bartolomeo is my hero. When we found out we were going to have to handle the Costume Contest ourselves since Scott Crawford and crew couldn't be there, Brandon stepped up to emcee with me coordinating the contestants, and it went smoothly and Brandon was a Great Emcee. If we ever have to do it again, I would proudly work with Brandon again. (plus as someone suggested on facebook, I would award more places in each of the age catagories, because there was some great costuming going on!!)

      From a shopping perspective, I was too busy between the show and my 7 mon. old to dig through any long boxes but I was able to procure some cool stuff from some of the small press publishers, Mary Monster from Jay Fife, Neverminds from Drumfish (Rich Bernatovich/Jamie Fay & Rey Arzeno) and a really cool Ntombinde Graphic Novel from Sterling Clark.
      and I got a Legion page from Wayne Faucher that made my whole weekend!

      How bout you guys??? any random observations about what you did, liked, hated....whatever.


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      > The vid link works for me in firefox. Maybe it's your browser
      > P.A.T,
      > Do you know where any of the panel videos will be posted?
      > I think someone taped the Being Human.
      > Great convention this year, I wish we had another show in September! ;)
      > Any parting thoughts on this year's show?
      > -A
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      > > Video doesn't seem to be working now (almost 7PM) so I'll try again later.
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