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  • Nathan Hill
    Apr 17, 2011
      Just got back home to Central PA after this year's Con. As always we had a wonderful time. It's hard to believe that I've been coming out there since '97. I could have done with a few more vendors though. There wasn't very much competition in the toy department, so they didn't feel the need to drop their prices very much. Thanks but no thanks to the dealers selling the Dex-Starr Red Lantern figure set for $40, haha.

      I also miss the dedicated rooms for anime and movie watching, not to mention the gaming tournaments. Perhaps they can make a comeback soon?

      I really liked the Blood Drive idea. Alas I could not donate since it was too soon after my last donation. I hope that enough people donated to make it a success and they will return next year. My wife Amy and I were talking about how special the Pittsburgh Con is on the way home, referring to the wonderful charitable work that gets done every year. We have been to no other convention that tries and succeeds to help in the way that Pittsburgh does.


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