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  • comiconguy
    Mar 25, 2011
      I just can't beleive it took this long to come to light. We put the kybosh to him back in 2007. He conned his way into our show in 2006, he contacted us just weeks before the show spouting credits including Teen Titans Go. Renee let him have a booth but when I started looking at his bio info, it just didn't jive. He was claiming to work on issues in the hundreds when the comic was in only up to issue 20 or so, but I was on a tight deadline with the show just around the corner so I didn't look into it any further and just figured it was some kind of misunderstanding. But when he registered again in 2007, I had Renee ask him for a full list of credits. Again his credits were nebulous at best so I did a little detective work. I had found Jan Duursema on a message board calling out an artist that had swiped her art. Being the lady that she is, Jan was hesitant to name the artist but eventually she posted the artist's name, "Rob Granito". Now I had some proof that what I was beginning to suspect was true. "This Guy is a Fraud.", but again I didn't want to jump to conclusions, so I kept searching and found an instance where he ripped off Dave Stevens. (Dave Stevens, for ****'s sake.) After that I got together with an artist friend of mine, to sit down and go through Rob's website, piece by piece. I don't proport to be able to identify every artist by looking at their art, but Glenn is very good at it. Immediately looking at his website, the first thing we noticed was the vast array of styles of his art. No two pieces looked the same. As we went through, Glenn just kept naming artists, "That's Alex Ross" "That's Neal Adams" etc, etc. So needless to say that was the end of any association between the Pittsburgh Comicon and Rob Granito. That is until...... just last week, I got a friend request from him on the Comicon facebook page. Just for laughs, I accepted him just to see what he had been up to since 2007. Well it appears nothing has changed!! Glad everybody finally caught up.

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