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28HEY watch what ya say!

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  • mrspaceg
    Feb 10, 2005
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      Greetings Citizens!

      My name is Chad (some people just know me as Space Ghost)
      and I am the Gaming Organizer for the con! Well, I didn't organize
      the Avalon Hill stuff last year, but I probably would have been
      playing if not for running my own games...

      Speaking of games that I run, there will be tournaments for
      Heroclix, Raw Deal, VS., Magic (someone else will be running
      that BTW) and, of course, OVERPOWER!

      In case you are a fan of OverPower, you might want to dust off
      your cards. This year is the 10th Anniversary! To Celebrate, a
      known OverPower Alliance celebraty is holding a big tournament
      in August in Mass. with a Cash prize! More info on that is coming
      soon, but I will let you know that you need to Qualify for the main
      event in August, and you have 2 chances at the Pittsburgh
      Comicon! One on Friday, and another on Sunday.

      A tenative schedual should be posted soon on the Comicon
      Web site, and all the details and final costs for the events should
      be up in March.

      If you have any questions regarding any of the gaming at the
      convention, just give me a hollar!

      Chad "Space Ghost" Wilson