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2717Guest suggestions for next year

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  • forgiona
    Nov 22, 2010
      I just got back from the VA comicon, and saw a few people there that could be nice additions to Pittsburgh. Some may have been here before, but not that I can remember. Also I'll mention their web presence, that I've found. Looking forward to Pitt con in 2011!

      Budd Root and Andy Smith
      I really hope they make their first appearance in 2011

      Tim Seeley - Hack/Slash creator & artist
      He's on deviantART

      Greg Williams (Dark One) - Animal Mystic creator & artist
      Also on deviantART, and Facebook

      Larry Hama. He edited a bunch of DC and Marvel (batman, wolverine) comics, and or course, wrote GI Joe

      Tom Raney. He's on deviantART and is usually tied to the Heroes Initiative
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