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  • forgiona
    Apr 26, 2010
      I had a great time too, Rene, Patrick, and the entire team did a wonderful job throwing together this con only 6 months (!) after the 2009-Stan Lee-palooza, and even diversified the guest list.

      I really enjoyed the new faces this year, like Roy Thomas, Jo Chen, Joe Sinnott, Ernie Chan, etc. And returning vets like Jim Balent+HollyG and Rudy Nebres (what a character) were a delight. Jim and Scott McDaniel had steady lines from open (maybe even before open) to close. EBAS's table was another hot spot. And I was pleased to see Joe Sinnott get lots of love from the fans. I spent Friday in line for Jo Chen, and Saturday/Sunday in the Jim Balent line, and know several people that did the same for Jim and Scott McD. There may have been a few no-shows (none I can think of, not that the con has any control over it) but the booths/tables looked fully stocked. I spent my time on the con floor, or in lines, so I missed out on the panels, but the "Inking" and "Legends of Marvel" panels sounded interesting.

      The early admittance/3 days pass/ was very helpful this year, but its surprising to see a few exhibitors already lined up for artists when the show opens. Also, like mentioned above, the entrance lineup INSIDE the con, could use some reconfiguration. But I like the 3 day badge for this show.

      Having this show so close to the last worked out pretty well. Now its 12 months till the next one (maybe with Adam Hughes?) and a year after that for Jim and Holly's next appearance. :`(

      Thanks again to everyone involved in this years show!
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