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  • sdunham818
    Apr 26, 2010
      I've been going to the show for the last few years. I'm by no means a self proclaimed blogger/reviewer of shows but I did have some observations and comments.

      Negatives (which I hate to do, but if you read this and agree and it helps next years show - great!)

      The setup of artist was a little weird. It was like they fit everyone in artist alley they could and the rest went into the other room. It took a while to get the lay of the land.

      The entrance line was a little odd, it started on the inside of the con so you were in line to "get in" while actually standing in the con..lol.

      The photo badges needed some improvements. Great Idea, loved it, just could have been tweaked to have a better presentation.

      In the past there as been prints and/or other benefits to buying a pre-order three day pass compounded with the early entry.


      I do love this show.

      Books were flying off the tables!! Such good deals you just couldn't pass up! Thanks!

      Food court area is awesome! Buy a $3.00 soda and free refills ALL DAY! That was great, had pizza, ice cream...even BEER!

      Parking was NEVER, NEVER, an issue..thx for that!

      Staff was friendly and was happy to be there :)

      The show was ok, I bought a 3 day pass but left Saturday about 5. It was great seeing old friends I've made over the past few years of going, and look forward to making new ones in 2011; but probably not with the 3 day pass. I'll post the pictures I took soon and hope everyone had a great time.

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, bsimon9427@... wrote:
      > i had a pretty good time for the most part. walked around for hours
      > talking with some really cool artists and had a ton of people ask to take a
      > picture with me.
      > set up a commission with herb trimpe, an all time favorite of mine. cant
      > wait to pick it up tomorrow!
      > got to pick up some pretty cool prints to and when i go back tomorrow i
      > hope to find some more. i got there at noon and left at 4 and all in all i
      > can say it was a good time.
      > saw some great costumes to! there was a phoenix that looked like she
      > walked right off the pages. a really neat snake eyes costume and a pretty cool
      > wolverine. so many neat costumes i cant wait to see what the contest brings
      > out tomorrow.
      > see everyone tomorrow
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