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2555Re: [pittscomicon] Anyone have pictures to share?

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  • Melissa Lehman
    Apr 26, 2010
      Thank you for these! I commented on both of the photos I was in! Much appreciation and so much fun getting to pose! You were both amazing!
      -"Pigtail" Harley

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      Sent: Mon, April 26, 2010 6:23:45 AM
      Subject: [pittscomicon] Anyone have pictures to share?


      I uploaded my costume pictures to a Photobucket album for this year's con. Feel free to check them out. I already know that Vixen is a member of the group. I also got a picture of "pigtail Harley" and possibly a few others. So if you see yourself in any of these, let me know it was you! (I was the Red Tornado and my husband Nate - also a member here - was the Sandman)


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