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2514Re: [pittscomicon] Why Wed. before the show is my least favorite day of the year!

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  • Shawn Williams
    Apr 21, 2010
      Heh - I hear ya, Patrick. Although nowhere near as busy as you, I'm
      still putting out fires for our group and updating last-minute things
      - not to mention working a stressful real job to save up the phat
      lewts to be able to afford all the great stuff at the show this
      weekend, of course!

      Why not take a couple hours off and go catch Kick-Ass? I've heard good
      things about it, and mindless violence and humor is a great way to
      kill some time! ;)


      On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 10:10 AM, comiconguy <patlqp@...> wrote:
      > After six months of nose to the grindstone work (because of 2009's show being in Sept. it's more like a year straight of Comicon work), Wednesday comes and I don't have anything to do. Renee will be at the convention center today, so unless there is some kind of emergency, I won't be hearing from her all day. I won't go to the convention center until tomorrow around noon. So today, besides picking up some tickets for the Quick Sketch and vacuuming the dog hair out of my car in case I have to go to pick someone up at the airport, I don't have anything to do. As long as I'm working I don't freak out about stuff, (even when there is stuff to freakout about. Remind me to tell you sometime how we almost didn't have a program book this year, because I didn't back up my computer files or as I like to call it "The Easter Weekend that I redid the entire Program Book") So now that Wednesday has come, I'm going Bats#$t crazy! I pace, I smoke (I quit in Dec. because my wife is pregnant, but she gives me a smoking pass for this week.) and I sit around nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
      > So why am I subjecting you to this self-indulgent tiraid, because for the 15 minutes it took me to type this, I was a least doing something!!
      > Is it Thursday at Noon yet???? :)
      > See you at the show,
      > P.A.T.
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